Enrol for Term 2 2024 at Cherry Lane Montessori Preschool

Enrol for 2024!


At Cherry Lane Montessori Preschool, a robust academic foundation is proudly established by us, deeply rooted in the principles of independence, self-guidance, and collaborative learning. With an emphasis placed on choice, teamwork, and peaceful interactions, it is ensured that each child is given the opportunity to thrive both on a personal and academic level.

Catering to children from 18 months to 6 years, our comprehensive Montessori curriculum is presented in a warm, family-inspired setting. In this environment, the rich tapestry of cultural and individual diversities is consistently celebrated. Located in the heart of Fourways, a serene and distinctive environment is provided for young learners, acting as a haven.

Moreover, while our focus is rooted in the core Montessori philosophy, a holistic educational experience is steadfastly offered by us. As a result of this commitment, a diverse range of extra mural activities has been carefully curated, all of which are aimed to enrich every aspect of a child’s development.

The Cherry Lane difference can be discovered today, setting the stage for a lifetime of enthusiastic learning.

Enrol for 2024 at Cherry Lane Montessori

Enrol for 2024

Known for its unique ambiance, Cherry Lane Montessori is often described as an intimate, tranquil, and aesthetically pleasing space. Here, young ones are made to feel content, joyful, and reminiscent of their own homes. Fun learning across all areas of our curriculum is actively promoted.

The classrooms, maintained in pristine condition, are well-equipped. In this environment, structured learning is facilitated, yet the child’s independence in learning is always prioritized and embraced.

Follow the steps below to register your little one with us.

Enrol for 2024 at Cherry Lane Montesorri Preschool

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Step 1

Email Charisse Mordt to set up an appointment to view the school or call Charisse on 082 4544541 for any queries.

Step 2

Complete and send the enrolment form.

(Download, fill in & email back to Charisse)

Step 3

To secure your child’s place at the school a once off registration fee of R1000 and a one months fee (REFUNDABLE deposit)  is required.

Step 4

Please note: Your child’s enrolment form must be completed and hand delivered to the school before admission. All relevant documents will be sent via email there after.

We Have A lot to Offer…

Enrol for Term 2 2024

After care

Cherry Lane Montessori Aftercare, we strive to provide an environment where our children feel secure, safe and loved.

Enrol for Term 2 2024

Holiday care

Cherry Lane Montessori Holiday care, we strive to provide an environment where our children feel secure, safe and loved over the holiday periods.

Enrol for Term 2 2024

Transparent classroom

This is an online record keeping system for teachers to record their child’s progress and a portal for parents to follow their child’s progress.

Enrol for Term 2 2024

Extra murals

We are partnered with Swim safe academy swim school as well as Little kickers, Karate, Ballet and many other extra murals.