Thursday 15 Aprilth – Smores and more!

Welcome to our first day of our exciting April holiday program! We will start our day with some arts and crafts as we decorate our very own gardens with flowers and ladybugs using sponges, earbuds and paint.

In the afternoon we will enjoy creating our very own Marie biscuit smores and enjoy story time under the trees.

Friday 16th April  –Dress up day!

Dress up as your favourite super hero or become your own super hero! Today we will decorate our own masks and play fun musical games in our super hero outfits.

Monday 19th Recycle!

Today we learn about the importance of the 3 R’s- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We will be making shakers from used water bottles and we will be watching a documentary on keeping our environment healthy while enjoying some popcorn and water!

Tuesday 20th – Let’s get active!

Egg spoon races, bean bag flipping, hoola hooping are on the cards for today! In the afternoon we will be listening to fun music and paint under the trees in nature.

Wednesday 21st– Teddy toast day

Bring your favourite Teddy to school today! We will also be making delicious chocolate, banana and raisin teddy bear toast!

Thursday 22nd- Let’s go fishing!

Who can catch the biggest fish in our mini fishing pond!? Mini splash pools and fish to be caught! We will also be painting and decorating beautiful fish for arts and crafts!

Friday 23rd- Baker day

Today we are Chefs!

First for art today we will be making our own baker hats!  We will then make our very own mini pizzas by adding delicious pizza toppings! YUMMY!

Monday 26th April- Snack fun and bubble popping!

Don’t bring a snack today!

We will be creating our own fruit kebabs and spreading and making our own sandwiches for snack! Peanut butter, jam or cheese spread! Then we will have Bubble popping and showing off our dance moves on the playground.

Tuesday 27th-Outdoor fun

Lots of fun outdoor activities and prizes to be won! Ring stacking, tunnel building, dance competitions and obstacle courses today!

Wednesday 28th– Free painting and baking!

Let’s get messy!

Together we utilise our creative skills and paint a master piece with a giant piece of paper, foot painting and hand painting as a team!

Later in the day we will decorate our own finger biscuits with icing, jelly tots and smarties!

Thursday 29th April- Bubbles and face painting

We all love bubbles! Big and small! Today we enjoy outdoor music with bubbles and games while we get our faces painted!

Friday 30th April- Soccer and fort building

Little Kickers will be coming through for some fun sports games on the big field!

We will then build forts on the playground using the chairs, trees, pillows and blankets!

Monday 3rd May- Pyjama and movie day!

Last day of our holiday program!

Come to school dressed in your favourite pyjames as we enjoy lots of story time and watch a movie with popcorn and hot chochalte as we relax and get ready to go back to school!

Tuesday 4th May- PREP day

Cleaning of school and teacher prep for term 2.

Wednesday 5th May- School opens for term 2!

Children's parties
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Cherry Lane Venue Hire for children's parties